Welcome to Lady Prudence the Curious’ Webpage

Lady Prudence the Curious, Mistress of the Pelican, is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, within the Barony of Sacred Stone in the Kingdom of Atlantia, residing in the Canton of Aire Faucon. Being the curious type, she has a wide variety of interests. This site is a repository for her explorations of all things Medieval and Renaissance.

If you think you might know or have heard of her but don’t live in Atlantia, you are likely right. Prudence has also lived in the Barony of Northwoods in the Middle Kingdom, the Shire (now Barony) of Iron Bog in the East Kingdom, and the Shire of Emerald Keep (may have become inactive) in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. She has worked as a scribe and embroiderer for all the kingdoms she has lived in once she learned the skills. Only the Midrealm, the kingdom where she started, has no examples of her arts.

Not from those kingdoms but still know her? Prudence has been a fixture at Pennsic troll for some time (19 to 49 to be exact), including being deputy head troll for Pennsic 46 and head troll for Pennsic 47. She is planning on being at Pennsic L, and if real life does not interfere you will likely find her at troll again.