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The Prayer Book of Michelino da Besozzo – Early 15th Century Italian Manuscript – Scrolls inspired by book. (Sept 2017 – present)

Portals to Scribal Projects – By Order of Completion

*** Here is when I started uploading everything to the website as I was doing it so the information is much more complete. *****

23 Sept 2017 – Baronial Level Scroll, Atlantia – Defenders of The Sacred Stone – Jenna Fairhaven

Links to Scrolls Elsewhere on the Web

Completed scrolls can be viewed at under the Artist Gallery. Search for Prudence the Curious; she appears alone and with a collaborator, Mistress (Lady at the time I worked with her) Katarzyna Nicholaieva. When doing teamwork, Prudence the Curious is responsible for the scroll research, design, wording, and calligraphy, and her collaborators implement the illumination.

Some Ansteorran charter examples (where only painting needs to be done on preprinted forms) can also be found under the Charter Library. Prudence’s contributions to charter examples can be found int: Arc d’Or, the Sable Crane, and the Sable Falcon.

Portal to Scribal Links

Alys’s Eight Easy Ways to Make Your Scroll Text Sound More Like a Period Document (2017 September 21) – from – East Kingdom.

Digital Collection, The Library of Trinity College Dublin – Book of Kells. The complete Book of Kells online.

Digitised Manuscripts of the British Library.  Nearly all of the manuscripts and archives of the British Library including the St. Cuthbert Gospel.

How Animal Hides Are Made Into Parchment At The Last Workshop in the US | Still Standing. (Insider Business, 2021 March 7) – Video.

The Mystery of a Medieval Blue Ink has been Solved (Isaac Schultz, 2020 April 17) – Modern article.

The Toast Looks Back: The Best of Two Monks – A delightful humorous series using medieval illuminations.