Project: C&I – The Prayer Book of Michelino da Besozzo

The Prayer Book of Michelino da Bessozo holds simmering pages of gold leaf and delicate flowers in simple frames around text done in a bold Gothic calligraphy hand. Created about 1410 (early 15th century), the manuscript is attributed to Italian artist Michelino da Besozzo (1370-1455).

Whenever I can get my hands on a facsimile copy, or as close to one as I can, all kinds of happy happen as I pet the actual words instead of just the pretty pictures. In this case, with the flowers framing so much text I have lots of calligraphy examples. I hope to work my way through the entire manuscript over time.

Scrolls completed based on the manuscript

Folio 5 РBaronial Level Scroll, Atlantia РDefenders of The Sacred Stone РJenna Fairhaven (completed 23 Sept 2017)