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Book Review: 100 Great Archaeological Discoveries – (2004)

Book Review: Knights and Castles – (2017)

Book Review: Ottoman Embroidery (4 books) – (2004)

Book Review: Traditional Icelandic Embroidery – (2004)

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Some classes are very detailed whereas other classes are barebone outlines to make sure I hit all the highpoints during the class.

Class: Award and Recommendations (PART 1) AND (PART 2) – Two newcomer classes written specifically for the Canton of Aire Faucon, letting gentles know what awards are available and how to write recommendations. Class grew out of questions from a business meeting. (2019)

Class: Business of Events – An Autocrating 101 class focused more on the paperwork end-of-things than the normal troubleshooting and people corralling. (2018)

Class: Challenge Friendly – Aimed at creating a dialogue to make the SCA more disability friendly. Also to teach children and adults how to interact with disability animals. (2018)

Class: Event Checklist – Camping Events – An exhaustive list of prepping for camping events. The daytrip, feast, and camping checklists can be combined for a good length class. (2018)

Class: Event Checklist – Daytrip – What newcomers might want to pack for their first event daytrip. The daytrip, feast, and camping checklists can be combined for a good length class. (2018)

Class: Event Checklist – Feast – Attending your first feast, this list is helpful to newcomers for packing a basket. The daytrip, feast, and camping checklists can be combined for a good length class. (2018)

Class: Getting Cultured – Creating Your Persona – A newcomer class to help people start thinking about their personas. (2017)

Class: Guilds, Colleges and Solars, oh my! – A newcomer class to explain how guilds and other unofficial art organizations work in the SCA. Created in response to newcomer questions for a local newcomer night. (2016)

Class: Heraldic Coloring Book – A newcomer class to show the Coat-of-Arms of the members of the Canton of Aire Faucon. (2016)

Class: How to be an Event Minion – A newcomer class to give people ideas where they can help out at events. (2016)

Class: Jeweled Book Weights – A hands-on activity for a local group. Takes about two hours. (2015)

Class: Largess: The Gift That Keeps Needing Gifting – A class explaining largess and giving ideas of possible projects. Excellent for A&S planning. (2017)

Class: Martial Activities Available in the SCA (I can kill you with …) – A newcomer class explaining the various martial activities available in the SCA. (2017)

Class: Mustard Making – A hands-on class to expose students to period spices as well as an introducing them to period sauce-making. (2016)

Class: Naming November – A newcomer class to give a brief overview on how to choose and SCA name. (2019)

Class: Offices of the SCA – A newcomer class describing the duties of officers in the SCA. Specifically created for the Canton of Aire Faucon, it may be adjusted for other uses. It takes about 2 hours to share and the handout is a (long) list of notes to expand on. (2017)

Class: SCA Geography and Events in the Aire Faucon Area – A newcomer class specific to the Aire Faucon Area and events likely to be seen in 2020. Will need to be updated for other groups or a different presentation date.  Created in response to newcomer questions about “where is everything and what should I attend?”(2019)

Class: SCA Vocabulary: A newcomer class providing basic SCA vocabulary. Took about 1 and a half hours. (2019)

Class: What are Demos and How can I Help – A class taught for Newcomer night at a local A&S meeting to encourage people to help out at demos and let the newcomer know all the different types of demos there are. (2016)

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The Met – This New York museum has three locations – Fifth Avenue, Breuer, and The Cloisters

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Hydration is everyone’s business (2011)