How to be an Event Minion

(Prepared for the July 9th 2016 Sacred Stone Baronial Unevent; taught at the 3/2/17 Newcomer meeting in Aire Faucon and 8/16/17 A&S meeting in Crois Brigte)

One) Where can I help? (Anywhere work needs to be done.)

  1. But I thought I had to volunteer in advance. (While it is nice to know we have staff to cover everything, we still need more help.)
  2. Or be a department head. (While we have department heads at events, we wouldn’t get far with minions helping the day-of.)

Two) How can I help best?

  1. Follow directions.
  2. Don’t be creative. The autocrat really isn’t up to changing things on the fly. (After Action)

Three) First things first – This is a suggested order. If the autocrat gives different orders, please follow them.

For outdoor events:

  • TENTS/SHELTER FOR (1) Troll; (2) Chatelaine tent; (3) Hospitality/cooking tent; (4) MOL, chirugeon, and marshalling tents for heavy, rapier and archery; (5) A&S for classes, displays, and competitions; (6) Royals/Baronage; (7) Feast; (8) Other guests
  • WATER – Set up water stations
  • TABLES & CHAIRS – Add tables and chairs under all the tents
  • ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT – Set up hay bales for fighting for example.
  • (throughout the day, toting and helping with cooking)
  • (At end of day, reverse – but break down water last.)

For indoor events

  •             TABLES AND CHAIRS
  •             KITCHEN

Four) Last things –

  1. Take down things no longer needed, usually feast/cook are good break points.
  3. Sweep, mop, etc.

Five) Kitchen Drudge – Be ready to be dirty

  1. Follow Directions
  2. Help unload vehicles
  3. Stir to the bottom unless instructed otherwise
  4. Let the head cook know when you leave
  5. Dishes – constant throughout the day, during feast, and afterwards
  6. Clear tables and separate food as instructed
  7. Help load vehicles
  8. Bonus points – pack extra drying towels and your own set of knives & cutting board.

Six ) Royalty and Court

  1. Set up thrones and moving thrones for court
  2. Move a bunch of chairs before and after court
  3. Royal retainers – Make sure they drink; keep their hands free; protect their bathroom time.

Seven) A&S

  1. Judging
  2. Display guards
  3. Solars and Scriptoriums

Eight) Food service

  1. Lunch / Dayboard / Teas – Portion control, setting new things out, keeping food safe.
  2. Serving Feast – Drinks, soups, clearing dishes

Nine) Marshal activities –

  1. Waterbearing
  2. Line marshals
  3. MOL check-in
  4. Field herald

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