Other Arts

Other Arts: Mosaics, Pottery, Leatherworking, etc.

Portal to Courtesy

Toasts to the Crown – Post from the Merry Rose, written by Master Donal Mac Ruiseart, then Conch Herald which is in charge of heraldic education – his title for the article was “On Your Feet!” (2011)

Portal to Gaming

Portal to Gaming Links

Parcheesi: The Royal Game (Bruce Whitehill, published in Knucklebones, September 2007) – TheBigGameHunter.com – A modern article

Royal Game of Ur (Wikipedia article) – Just putting this here for a possible article on parcheesi / Ur.

Portal to Jewelry Making – To be worked on
Portal to Largess

Class: Jeweled Book Weights – A hands-on activity for a local group. Takes about two hours. (2015)

Ideas on Largesse – Article from Phoenix, reprinted with permission from Lady Catherine Ambrose (2013)

Portal to Leatherworking

Hardening Leather – Email posted to the Sacred Stone email list by Lord Christopher of Grey (2013)

Series of Leather working articles – From 2011 through 2104 a regular series of leatherworking articles appeared in the Phoenix, Barony of Sacred Stone. I recommend reviewing them for anyone interested in learning about leatherworking. Go HERE.

Portal to Mosaics

I always loved Mosaics, but who has the time? Well, I finally found some in 2015 and started working on this new favorite art.

Project: Mosaics 2015 – Three of the four mosaic boxes I worked on in 2015. A quick post to show stuff. Totally new art form.

Portal to Oragami – To be worked on
Portal to Pottery – To be worked on
Portal to Weaving – To be worked on