Ideas on Largesse (C. Ambrose)

Ideas on Largesse

By Catherine Ambrose (published Phoenix, March 2013, Barony of The Sacred Stone; copied with permission granted thru Facebook on June 2, 2016)

It’s always a challenge to decide what to make for largesse, especially since there is so much in the SCA that could make cool gifts. Recently, though, an A&S Night with Princess Ysabella gave some very helpful hints and ideas on what royals want, need, and appreciate. Here are some tips:

1. Unless you make prior arrangements with the recipient, give something small and lightweight. There’s little worse than putting your heart into making something, only to find out at the event that the recipient doesn’t have room in their car, or can’t lift it alone.

2. Trinkets are always welcome. Most royalty need small items to give out as tokens or to other royalty, and a few small items often go farther than one large one.

3. If worst comes to worst, check the kingdom website for ideas. Often royalty have their whims – likes and dislikes – listed there, as well as items they would like to receive for future favors or in gift baskets, and their personal heraldic colors. And don’t worry: you can never go wrong with something in the kingdom colors.

4. Make a night of it. If you want to make a lot of items, invite your friends over to help. Many hands make light work, and the time will fly.

If you have no idea what to give, here are some suggestions from Princess Ysabella:

Mug/goblet covers
Beaded strings or necklaces
Wire-woven cords or bracelets
Braided cord for hanging medallions
Embroidered handkerchiefs or napkins (machine-embroidered as well as hand-embroidered)
Sewing kits “books” (needle and thread, wax for linen thread, pins)
Small stuffed animals and rag dolls for the children’s basket
Pouches, both plain and embroidered Beads of all sorts
Cordials and ales of all sorts
Cloth game boards (that fold up) with glass beads as markers
Small cloth-covered notebooks
Empty bottles (for filling with brewing)
Trim and ribbons
Anything hand-made.

Royalty will recognize and appreciate the care you put into the gifts.

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