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About Me: Prudence in History

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About Me: Prudence in the SCA

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Awards and Honors Received

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Competitions Won

Drat. Going along, I actually found a note on one of my poems as winning a competition. Guess that should somewhere in here too. I have no clue what all I have won over the years, so bear with me. This is going to take a long time to assemble and even then it will have huge holes in it. That is the problem with creating an arts diary over 30 years into the activities.

2011 October 29 – Poetry competition – “Board Hunt” – Canton of Charlesbury Crossing; Barony of Sacred Stone – Poem: Identifying with the Prey

Officerships Held

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About Me: Prudence in Modern Life

I’m complicated. When it takes two different ways to just define the Prudence portions of me plus an entire … I don’t even want to think about how many pages this website has … colossus to describe my/her arts, before I can even touch on the Modern Life Real Person, complicated is a given.

In real life, I have lived a bit of everywhere in the United States. Limiting myself to just the SCA portion of my life that includes: Michigan, New Jersey, Texas, South Carolina, and North Carolina. My occupations to pay the bills are as wide-ranging as my SCA arts interests: help desk, waitressing, tax preparation (which makes it impossible for me to go to Gulf Wars), editing romantic fiction, bookkeeping for a scrap yard, etc. And my education is equally eclectic: computer science (pre-web days, programming this website taught me a bunch of new skills), sociology, and business administration.

Right now I live in Gastonia, North Carolina where I get to see the sunset behind Crowder Mountain from my porch every night I am not at the computer (writing, editing, researching) or at an SCA function or tax preparing. I work tax preparation from January to April, with the training beginning as early as October. I am looking for steady employment for the rest of the year (anyone need someone who can do nearly everything? – virtual positions are fine. Just no sales, I starve when I in a sales commissions position.). In the meantime, I edit books and write genre fiction between embroidery, gardening, cooking, scribing…

The editing and writing portion of me (which is not my day job by any stretch of the imagination … yet) comes with another set of names. Because, well, I’m complicated.

(Side Note from the Writer side of me: If you are interested in romance with a heavy dose of family and the mild humor of life, contact me and I will send you the link to my other self’s website. Note the romances often include the actions which make the children and family possible.)