Consumables: Brewing, Cooking, Gardening, etc.

Portal to Brewing and Cordial Making – To be worked on


Portal to Cooking

Class: Mustard Making – Class Handout (2016)

Recipe: Asparagus in Almond Milk – Fourteenth Century Spanish (Sent Sovi) (2016)

Recipe: Baklava – Personal (2019)

Recipe: Leeks and Onions in Milk – Fourteenth Century French (1393 Le Menagier de Paris) Soup (2011)

Recipe: Librum (An Offering) – A bread recipe from Rome, 180 BC. (2018)

Recipe: Pompys (Meatballs in Almond Milk Sauce) – Fifteenth Century English (2007)

Recipe: Rosewater – No source was used (2018)

Recipe: Savory Toasted Cheese – Seventeenth Century English (Digby) (2000)

Portal to Cooking Links

The Transylvanian Cookbook (on the Leather Notebook) – Group funded by the SCA. a translation of a late 1500 cookbook. Scan of the 1893 reprint (;┬áTranslated version (

Portal to Gardening

Gardening 2016: General Mayhem – Working on the gardens around my house. Start of the Rose Garden, Herb Garden, and general fixes.

Link: Mecklenburg County Master Gardeners – Very helpful for the Cantons of Aire Faucon and Charlesbury Crossing to get planting information specific to our area.