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Architecture of a Sonnet, The (written at least 2002)

Activity Report: Cook’s Guild 7/8/2017 (2017) – An example of activity reports which can drum up interest in an activity, record things for prosperity (and recommendations), plus expand the newsletter.

Heraldic Quiz: Match the Color (2011)

History of Japanese Poetry (written at least 2008)

History of the Tanka (written at least 2011)

Hydration is everyone’s business (2011)

Icelandic Embroidery – Article on Icelandic Embroidery (2004)

Ottoman Empire Timeline – Article on the important dates of the Ottoman Empire (2004)

Quotes on Ides – Fun bit with different “ides” quotes. But you didn’t know it applied to more than just March. (2011)

Saigyo, Poet (written at least 2008) –¬†The article¬†includes an original Tanka, an ode to the twelfth century Poet.

Tax Law as Applicable to the SCA (2017)