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Architecture of a Sonnet, The (written at least 2002) – ARTICLE

Chase the Moon – Modern (2004)

For Scribes to Give Birth – Sonnet (1999)

Identifying with the Prey – free-form. finished specifically for a hunting themed poetry competition. Won. (2011)

Knightly Oath – SCA theme, free-form “modern” (1992)

My Beloved’s Voice – Medieval theme, structured 9-9-9-11-11 stanza (2004)

Or We Shall Diminish – Medieval theme, “modern” (1990)

Pelican, The – SCA theme, four-line stanza “modern” (1995)

Valhalla Comes Come – SCA theme, Norse tradition (1995) – Pennsic was really hot …. really, really hot in 1995 … really. I wrote this poem one morning as I watched the fog lift upon the battlefield just beyond my tent.