Poem: My Beloved’s Voice

My Beloved’s Voice

Merry, I hear my beloved’s voice
Thus my heart skips joyfully within
‘tis unto hearing the spring birdsong
And likewise knowing the winter’s snow melting
Will uncover meadows of morning flowers.

Melodious his talking enthralls me
I thirst to listen as each word drops
‘tis unto wanting cool, clean water
In an afternoon sweltering heat
And finding a lively rock-strewed brook.

List I do, whilst tones part from his lips
Rumbling their warmth unto my soul
Wouldst I could curl into the sound
As I would by the hearth on an autumn’s eve
Delighting in the dancing flames of the fire.

I wish my dear could speak forever
But moreover, I wish he may stop
Then he could leave his well-wishers
And enter the room where I await, so that
I may welcome him after his long absence.


By Lady Prudence the Curious

Written and Saved January 7, 2004; Published Summer 2004 Ironmonger, Barony of Iron Bog

Structured Poetry Note – Count of syllables per line per stanza is 9-9-9-11-11

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