Poem: The Pelican

The Pelican

Pelican is a lonely bird
Flocking not but in solitary
Challenged by the wild cry of order
To take chaos to wife for others joy

Flying in the crags of Kitchen
This noble bird hunts
Hidden in offices dear and deadly
Silent support for the frame of dreams

Autocrat, one in charge
Self on line with selflessness
Event, happening others notice
Controlled as raging river by one

Hunted by cruelty
Menace from backstabbing cowards and fools
Extinction held off only by love
Recognized alone

Feeding young
The children of the dream
With blood from breast
A heart often stabbed but open yet

Cry with the Pelican
Wild call of order
A King’s bird
Loyal in love and dreams.



Lady Prudence the Curious


Written December 1995; Sent in to Ironmonger 1996 (do not know if published); Published September 2011 Phoenix, Barony of Sacred Stone


 A&S Competitions & Other Uses

2011 August – Sacred Stone/Aire Faucon – Poetry competition at The Flight of the Falcon – did not win

2011 August – Master Achbar asked for an e-mail and then he posted it to his facebook page for the Pelican area. A Pelican from another kingdom contacted me about performing the poem elsewhere.

2011 August – Performed at Performers Revel South in Salesbury Glen, Sacred Stone, Atlantia

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