Newcomer Night: Pick a Hobby or Collect Them All

Pick a Hobby or Collect Them All

(Taught November 3, 2022 for the Aire Faucon Newcomer A&S Night)

Activities of the SCA : 
The SCA has three pillars supporting it: Arts, Service, and Martial activities. Arts is the Phoenix flames visible from a distance and it’s beautiful feathers, Martial is the raptor’s cry and claws, heard by many and respected by all, and Service is the bone structure within the beast and the nest it provides to its family. As a non-profit educational organization, we must teach our arts and perform our services, with the martial activities often being the easiest for outsiders to grasp.

Martial Activities
Armored Combat/Heavy Weapons
Light Combat / Rapier
Cut & Thrust
Youth Combat
Combat Archery
Target Archery
Thrown Weapons
Siege Weapons
Equestrian (Jousting)
Black Powder
List Minister
First Aid / Chirugeon

Service Activities
Event Stewart
General Helper at Events
Gate / Welcome
Newcomer Staff
Head Chef
Helping in Kitchens
Port-a-John cleanup
Setup Land
Parking help
Local or Kingdom Officer
First Aid/Waterbearing
Largess making
Scroll making
Garb making for Baronage
Hosting Arts Competitions
Monitoring A&S Displays

Arts & Sciences Activities – Wearing, Teaching, Competitions, and Displays
Scroll – Illumination
Scroll – Calligraphy
Scroll -Wording
Heraldry (Design & Performance)
Embroidery (garb & items)
Garb making
Jewelry making
Hat design
Bardic – Stories
Bardic – Singing
Bardic – Plays
Bardic – Jesters
Mid-Eastern Dancing
Mid-Eastern Drumming
European Dancing
Astronomy / Astrology
Siege Weapons

Barony of The Sacred Stone Guilds and Guild-Like Activities

  1. Sacred Stone’s Cook’s Guild – help cook events, welcomes all cooking types (herb, brew, research, kitchen, serving, etc)
  2. Sacred Stone’s Scribes
  3. Order of the Phoenix Eye – Runestone Collegium (even years); In a Phoenix Eye (odd years)
  4. Solar Fibers
  5. Sacred Stone Guards

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