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Portal to Embroidery Links

Portal to Embroidery Links: Embroidery Books
Portal to Embroidery Links: Blackwork

Blackwork Embroidery Archives – a large pattern collection inspired by period patterns

Portal to Embroidery Links: Drawn Thread

Drawing some conclusions about draw-thread work (Mariss Ghijs / Carrie Hulsing) – Opus Mariss – Lots of great drawn thread pictures and a great Bibliography. (note to self – saved in case the original disappears to SCA-Arts-DrawnThread: 2017 – Mariss drawn thread )

Portal to Embroidery Links: Goldwork

Goldwork embroidery threads and metals explained – A youtube video by Sarah Homfray Embroidery created April 8, 2020. Explains everything available on for sale, how the metal threads are constructed, and how to use best to use these expensive materials. Note: her store is located in the EU.

Portal to Embroidery Links: Lacis

Antique Pattern Library – This particular link points to their Filet/Lacis patterns. I don’t believe any are actually period, but I am really into Lacis so am saving this link for my own edification.

Portal to Embroidery Links: Smocking

Honeycomb Pleatwork Apron – (Genoveva von Lubeck) 2013 October – A simplified version of her “Pleatwork and Drawnwork Apron” to teach the class. New pictures! (note to self – saved in case the original disappears to SCA-Arts-Smocking: 2013 10 Honeycomb-Pleatwork-Apron-Class )

Pleated Embroidered (Smocked) Apron: Mock-Up #1 – Maniacal Medievalist (aka Esperanza de Navarra) 2012 November 24. – Full step-by-step on how to make a honeycomb apron with pictures. (note to self – saved in case the original disappears to SCA-Arts-Smocking: 2012 11 24 – Pleated Apron )

Pleatwork and Drawnwork Apron – (Genoveva von Lubeck) 2012 May – Full-out PDF presentation of a pleatwork apron including pictures of techniques and references. May be the best of the lot. (note to self – saved in case the original disappears to SCA-Arts-Smocking: 2012 05 – Pleatwork-Drawnwork-Apron)

Smocking and Punto Tirato Apron – La Bella Perla (Lady Juliana della Rena aka Megan L. Dittmann, currently resides in Calontir) (no date given) – Explains a bit about the hemwork (Punto Tirato) plus has a wonderful bibliography at the end. (note to self – saved in case the original disappears to SCA-Arts-Smocking: 2017 Smocking and Punto Tirato )

Portal to Embroidery Links: Museums and the Like

Historical Needlework Resources – Indexed by country, date, and embroidery stitch. Lots of extent pieces gathered in one location.

Index of Christian Art – A Princeton College repository of Opus Anglicanum embroidery. – DRAT, LINK DEAD, MAYBE IT WILL BE BACK.

Portal to Embroidery Links: Patterns

1527 German, Egenolf Modelbuch – Stored at Antique Pattern Library (very little at the antique pattern site is SCA period – most is late 1800s to early 1900s – but feel free to see if there is more which might help you.)

1596 Manuscript album of designs for lace and embroidery – A 69-page book for 16th century Germany. Available online.

Portal to Embroidery Links: SCA Guilds

East Kingdom – The Keepers of Athena’s Thimble. Website includes guild structure, a large needlework gallery,  and links and resources to museums, art supplies, and SCA.

Portal to Embroidery Links: Suppliers

It’s good to have multiple suppliers, because sometimes for large projects you will wipe them all out. Not that I have done that, nope, not at all. Though three suppliers may have been suspiciously low on linen embroidery thread for a few months once in 2009.

  • Needle in a Haystack – General embroidery supply
  • Nordic Needle  –  General embroidery supply (closed)
  • Stitchery Row – General embroidery supply
  • Threadneedle Street – General embroidery supply
  • Ye Olde Cross Stitchery – General embroidery supply
  • Hedgehog Handiworks – General embroidery supply (closed)
  • The Edwardian Needle –  General embroidery supply (redoing website, new one not up yet – 1/12/2018 … still not up 11/16/2022 although storefront is still open)
  • Lacis – Books and hard-to-find embroidery tools
  • Needlework Books – Hard-to-find embroidery books
  • (see also Knitting suppliers)
  • (see also Costuming suppliers)