Poem: Knightly Oath

Knightly Oath

My liege lord, I am your man
to do your will and protect your land.
On Royal Sword and Heavenly Word, both
I freely give this Knightly Oath.

By my gold chain of state
I will timely advise and not hesitate.
By the white belt about my waist
I swear to be pure, not base.
By the spurs upon my feet
I will propagate the arts in my keep.

By the crown upon your brow
I will govern the serfs under my plow.
By the throne where you sit
I will implement your just edicts.
By the sword which you hold
I will fight for Kingdom ’til I grow old.

By my honor and my life,
by my family, children, and wife,
by my Fathers, I do swear
to defend all for which we care.

This I say before God and man
by this Oath I shall stand
from now until time does end.



Lady Prudence the Curious

Written pre-August 1992; Published August 1992 Ironmonger, Barony of Iron Bog

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