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(Taught at the 4/5/2018 Newcomer meeting in Aire Faucon and several times before that – this is a go-to class taught about every six months to newcomers)

Pennsic Checklist 

The focus for this checklist is Pennsic, a two-week camping event. Trim it down and adjust to site specific situations depending on the event. Most are two-to-three day weekend events, but some, such as War of the Wings, can last an entire week even though they are “just” in-kingdom.

Camping Equipment
(  ) Tent, poles, stakes, & instructions
(  ) Plastic drop cloth for tent
(  ) Extra rope to tie down tent (Pennsic and Gulf Wars have bad wind storms)
(  ) Hammer (for getting stakes into and out of the ground)
(  ) Broom (to sweep tent)
(  ) Towel for mopping inside of tent (In case of rain)
(  ) Tarp (to cover dining area and/or your tent)
(  ) Sleeping bag
(  ) Pillow
(  ) Sheets and extra blankets
(  ) Air mattress (and pump), pad, cot, or rope bed frame
(  ) Flashlight and extra batteries
(  ) Propane lamp
(  ) Fire extinguisher
(  ) Water bucket for campfire
(  ) Shovel for campfire
(  ) MATCHES – for lanterns, stove, campfire, etc..
(  ) First aid kit (aspirin, sinus medicine, calamine lotion, and bandaides especially)

Nice to have Camping Equipment
(  ) Rug for tent
(  ) Chair for inside tent
(  ) Battery lamp for tent (NO CANDLES!)
(  ) Landry bag
(  ) Tiki torches
(  ) Solar showers
(  ) Personal Banner

(  ) Hairbrush and/or comb
(  ) Deodorant (unscented if possible)
(  ) Soap (unscented if possible, not flower scented at all)
(  ) Babywipes (wonderful for cleaning your face)
(  ) Shampoo and conditioner (unscented if possible, not flower scented at all)
(  ) Toothbrush and toothpaste
(  ) Razor
(  ) Towels, bath and handwash (as many as needed – take into account the number of days you’ll be there)
(  ) Something to carry toiletries to showers
(  ) Contact and/or eyeglass materials
(  ) Extra toilet paper
(  ) Feminine products
(  ) Birth control (as appropriate)
(  ) Personal medications
(  ) Cosmetics (but no perfume – unless you like bees)
(  ) Hairspray (but not your electric plugin blow drier)

Food Preparation and Feast Gear
(  ) Chair to sit in
(  ) One or two tables to eat and cook on
(  ) Tub to wash dishes in
(  ) Dish soap and scrub brush
(  ) Washcloth, sponge, and dishtowel
(  ) Dishes:  Plate, bowl, goblet/mug, utensils (bring enough for one full day, at least – you will wash dishes at some point)
(  ) Cooking gear:  Stove, propane, pots, pans, spatula, stirring spoons, etc.. (think of what your are going to cook and of all the utensils you will need and write it out)
(  ) Cutting knives and cutting board
(  ) Spices (Salt, Pepper, Garlic, etc…)
(  ) Can Opener
(  ) Bottle Top Opener/Corkscrew

Food and Drink – Take into account the number of days there
(  ) Grocery list of what to buy in town once on site
(  ) ICE
(  ) Ice chest/cooler
(  ) Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (there are on-site restaurants)
(  ) Alcoholic drink (May want to buy there – some state border crossing are illegal with alcohol example: PA-NJ)
(  ) Non-alcoholic drink (Gatorade diluted by half, soda, etc.)
(  ) Drinking water
(  ) Snacks
(  ) Ziplock bags for food

NOTE:  Cooper store offers fresh fruit, bread, milk and ice.  Plan to buy these staples on site after the initial big purchase in town.  Milk, bread & fruit usually last no more than two days under camping conditions.

NOTE: Pennsic has an amazing food court. If it is just you, buying dinner at the court is a lot less effort and doesn’t cost much more than eating on your own.

NOTE: Other events. At this point most large events have food courts of some sort, Walmarts within easy driving distance, Welcome-commons for the first night, and food plans set up by household who camp together. Plan your food requirements accordingly.

Weather varies drastically outside of climate control – in the winter or summer, it can be hot during the day, and still reach freezing at night. Wind, rain, hot, cold – all occur. Prep for it. War of the Wings is in October in North Carolina and has had both freezing and 90 degree weather on top of its mountain. Pennsic in Pennsylvania in August likewise.
(  ) Cloak (It gets cold at Pennsic)
(  ) Cloths for as many days as you are there – Summer outfits
(  ) Winter outfit (bring at least one)
(  ) Thermal underwear (It gets real cold at Pennsic, sometimes)
(  ) One court outfit
(  ) One outfit for theme parties
(  ) Underwear
(  ) Socks
(  ) One full outfit for storage in car, including shoes, in case of rain
(  ) Bathing suit
(  ) Sleepwear
(  ) Period looking walking shoes
(  ) Waterproof boots
(  ) Hat to keep sun off head
(  ) Mundane outfit to drive home in
(  ) Ziplock bags for clothing/Waterproof clothing storage
(  ) Box for clothing that is waterproof for at least 2 inches of water
(  ) Watch (for keeping track of when tourneys/classes are)

(  ) Cell phone
(  ) Cell phone charger
(  ) Laptop
(  ) Laptop charger
(  ) Solar power recharging station (Pennsic note – if you are located on the Serengeti, these work great. They do not work in the Swamp.)

Car Storage
(  ) Outfit for car previously mentioned
(  ) Emergency kit for your car: white towel, flashlight, duct tape, extra water, car care manual
(  ) Something to clean your car windows off after a week: Windex and papertowels

Special Interests
(  ) Armor & Weapons
(  ) Authorization cards
(  ) Bow and arrow
(  ) Scouting helm
(  ) Gaming materials (cards and board games)
(  ) Class list (you can download your first look from the Pennsic website before coming – also there is Pennsic Thing (thing.pennsicuniversity.org) which allows you to access the calendar of activities online)

(  ) Talcum powder (for chafing)
(  ) Suntan lotion
(  ) Sunburn cream
(  ) Bug spray and citronella candles
(  ) BEE STING KIT (If you are allergic, wear at all times in plain view)
(  ) Pen and paper
(  ) Camera, charger, and extra discs
(  ) Needlework and/or Books (for the slow times)
(  ) Music payer and charger
(  ) Money, credit cards, checks (some merchants do not take checks; credit cards work fairly well when the Wi-Fi is cooperative for SquareUp)

NOTE:  At Pennsic, two ATMs are located on site, but they do charge for the convenience.

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