Event Checklists: Feast

(Taught at the 4/5/2018 Newcomer meeting in Aire Faucon and several times before that – this is a go-to class taught about every six months to newcomers)

Feast Checklist 

Initially packing your feast gear in a plastic bag will be fine. Eventually most people decide on a feast gear box.

Most people aim at feast gear to match their personas and their heraldry.

Feast Gear
(  ) Tablecloth (put on top of your gear)
(  ) Lunch gear: Small bowl, fork and spoon, non-breakable cup (per person who is attending) + Paper napkins

Easy alternative: Plastic gear which can be thrown out instead of waiting in a hot car to be washed once you get home.

(  ) PERSONAL Feast Gear (per person): Plate, bowl, goblet/mug, utensils (knife, spoon, fork) + Nice napkins
(  ) PER FAMILY GROUP Feast Gear: Orts bowl, large knife for cutting, spices (salt, pepper, garlic, etc), an extra service spoon or two

  • Definition of Orts – from late middle English (1400-1500) – a scarp or morsel of food left at a meal

(  ) Lighting: Candles, candlesticks, matches and/or battery operated candles (for those halls where open flame is not allowed)
(  )  Plastic grocery bags to pack dishes in when feast is done (best just keep a bunch)
(  )  Plastic food bags to pack leftover in
(  ) Washcloth, sponge, and dishtowel (not every site provides cleanup possibility but it is nice when available)

Extra Gear
(  ) Cooler for drinks and/or to take food home with you
(  ) Centerpiece decoration
(  ) One set of feast gear for unexpected guests
(  ) If at castle site (a Sacred Stone outdoor site) or other outdoor event: Your own chairs

Helping in Kitchen
(  ) Cutting Board
(  ) Two good knifes, one large for meat and one small for paring, and/or sharpener
(  ) Dishsoap
(  ) A couple of washcloths
(  ) A scratchless scrubber
(  ) A metric ton of drying cloths (really, I have gone through ten; there are never enough after cooking for over 100 people)

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