Event Checklists: Daytrip

(Taught at the 4/5/2018 Newcomer meeting in Aire Faucon and several times before that – this is a go-to class taught about every six months to newcomers)

Daytrip Checklist

Check-in at Gate
(  ) Directions to event
(  ) Money or checkbook to cover gate fee
(  ) SCA membership card or $5 surcharge if not a member (membership is easy at sca.org)

If you have a tendency to lose stuff out of your wallet, take a picture of your blue card and keep it on your phone. Same with any authorization card you might have. If you travel in a group, such as a family unit or household, you may want to expand this advice as needed.

Check-in at Gate for Minors, not-your-own

Some, but not all, events allow you to bring a child not-your-own with permission from the minor’s parents. The decision is driven by local and state laws and the ability to check a minor into a local hospital without parent present. Contact autocrats in advance for that event’s policy; it may change year-to-year since events do not always happen at the same location.

(  ) Medical Waiver. Some states will require the form to be notarized (example: Florida) – Show this form at gate, but do not turn it over. You keep it in case of medical emergency. Form can be found here and can cover an extended period of time, e.g. all summer: http://www.sca.org/docs/pdf/treatminor-notary.pdf

(  ) Permission Waiver. Since the permission waiver needs to be signed in advance, you will need to have the parent sign this waiver before leaving. This form is a by-event form and will need to be filled out new each time. You will turn this form over at gate. Notary is not required. http://www.sca.org/docs/pdf/chldwaiv.pdf


Dayboard Feast Gear
(  ) Lunch gear: Small bowl, fork and spoon, non-breakable cup (per person attending) + Paper napkins

Easy alternative: Plastic gear which can be thrown out instead of waiting in a hot car to be washed once you get home.

(  )  Plastic grocery bags to pack dishes when done

(  ) Garb appropriate to the weather (per person)
(  ) Spring/Fall weather – layers works good
(  ) If children, extra set of garb per child
(  ) Cloaks for night, cold, wind, or rain
(  ) Hat (for sun or rain)
(  ) Court garb
(  ) Jewelry as appropriate
(  ) Shinys – Baronial cornets, order medallions, favors (royal, romantic and household), belts (apprentice, squire, etc)
(  ) Street clothes to drive home in

First Aid
(  ) Cooler with water, ice and other drinks
(  ) Small plastic bags
(  ) Sunscreen AND Bugspray
(  ) Babywipes
(  ) BEE STING KIT (if you are allergic)
(  ) Backups of any personal medications – one day’s worth
(  ) Small first aid kit: Band-Aids (bonus for blister type and/or sweat resistant), feminine products, headache medicine (aspirin (ex. Bayer) AND ibuprofen (ex. Advil))



Martial Activities – Heavy, Fencing, Thrown, Siege, Archery
(  ) Authorization Card(s)
(  ) Heavy Weapon Kit: Armor (including helm, gorget, cup, kidney belt, knees, and gauntlets – chest protection if female), weapons, shield, duct tape, electrical tape, armor repair kit appropriate to armor type (ex. Rivets, leather straps, extra plates),
(  ) Rapier kit: Armor (including mask, gorget, cup, jacket, gloves), weapons, shield, repair kit (electrical tape, extra tips)
(  ) Thrown Weapons kit: Weapons, gloves
(  ) Archery kit: Bow, bow string, bow stringer, gloves, arrows, quiver, repair kit (glue, extra feathers, extra tips)

Arts and Academic Activities
(  ) Notebook and pen(s)
(  ) Plastic bag for notebook and pen(s)
(  ) If teaching a class: handout and materials
(  ) Embroidery/sewing kit: Sewing basket, chalk, thread (black and white), multiple needles, measuring tape, scissors, and other things appropriate to today’s project
(  ) C&I kit: Extra paper, ink, pen, surface, pencils, water container, brushes, paints, eraser

General Service: Troll, children’s, setup/cleanup
(  ) Troll kit: Extra highlighters, tape, extra paper, pens and pencils (you should be supplied with the waivers)
(  ) Children’s kit: wipes
(  ) Setup/cleanup kit: working gloves, dustpan, rubber gloves, bleach, Windex/ammonia glass cleaner

Helping in Kitchen
(  ) Cutting Board
(  ) Two good knifes, one large for meat and one small for paring, and/or sharpener
(  ) Dishsoap
(  ) A couple of washcloths
(  ) A scratchless scrubber
(  ) A metric ton of drying cloths (really, I have gone through ten; there are never enough after cooking for over 100 people)

Car Kit
(  ) Ice scraper AND Snowbrush
(  ) Map of US – for when GPS doesn’t work
(  ) Extra $50 in fives for tolls – I use max of PA turnpike (in 2015 for a passenger car was $46.10)

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