Awards and Recommendations Part 1: Awards Available to Aire Faucon Citizens

For a Newcomer Night (not yet taught)


Description: Lists of awards available to those residing in the Canton of Aire Faucon, including SCA-wide awards, Kingdom of Atlantia awards, and Barony of Sacred Stone awards.


How do you say “thank you” to the people who have done hard work? How do you bring attention to gentles excelling at the arts? How should you write someone in for their prowess on the field? Which of the many awards are appropriate to write someone in for and how do you do it?

The biggest way to say thank you, of course, is just say “thank you”. But, believe me, it helps to have something on the wall as a reminder that people really do appreciate what you have done. For those days when things go wrong, when you deal with issues, when you are just tired. Arranging to have some bit of permanent, tangible appreciation can help alleviate burnout and remind a person, yes, you are loved.



The heralds have this thing call “Order of Precedence,” which drives the Order of March at functions such as processing at Crown Tournament. In American culture where everyone is essentially considered equal, the OP seems strange, but can be a fun part of the game. There are several essential levels and an individual’s location in the Order of March is driven by their highest award and when they received it.

The levels are:

One) Crowns and Coronets – Those presently serving on the thrones and seats. These are the Sovereign, Consort (King/Queen), Prince, Princess, Baron, Baroness, or Regents (should a throne or seat be vacant).

  • The proper way to address someone with these awards: Sovereign & Consort – Your Majesties; Prince/Princess – Your Highness; landed Baron/Baroness – Your Excellency.

Two) Patent of Arms / The Peers of the Realm – Note that all these awards are recognized throughout the SCA.

  • Royal Peers – These are people who have sat on the throne. – Duke/Duchess (served at least twice as Crown); Count/Countess (served once as Crown).
  • Peers – Order of Chivalry (Knights and Masters of Arms), Order of the Laurel, Order of the Pelican, and Order of Defense
  • The proper way to address someone with these awards: Duke/Duchess – Your Grace; Count/Countess – Your Excellency; Peers – Master/Mistress/Sir/Dame (or appropriate to persona as the person specifies).
  • The Royal Peers are not polled. Order Peers are polled by the Crown for additions to their Orders; the Crown considers their advice.
  • Order of the Rose – A special order for Consorts to the Crown when they stepped down, in general called the Ladies of the Rose – with a few Laddies thrown in. While automatic in Atlantia, it is not automatic in every kingdom. It carries no precedence in-and-of itself. The Order of the Rose encourages courtesy within kingdoms. The Sovereigns have no equivalent order.

Three) Grants of Arms / Orders of High Merit – The Grant of Arms is recognized throughout the SCA. Individual kingdoms have Orders of High Merit which carry Grants; the Grant is recognized wherever the individual moves, but the Kingdom Order is not.

  • Atlantia Orders of High Merit are: The Order of the Pearl, The Order of the Sea Stag, The Order of the Golden Dolphin, The Order of the Yew Bow, The Order of the White Scarf of Atlantia, The Order of the Kraken, The Order of the Golden Lance of Atlantia. 
  • The proper way to address someone with a Grant in Atlantia is: my Lord and My Lady. Some kingdoms designate a difference with my Honorable Lord and my Honorable Lady.
  • The Atlantia Orders of High Merit are Polling Orders, which means the Crown seeks advice on those already in the Order who to add. It is NOT a vote – the monarchs may ignore the advice.
  • Rarely are Grants given “bare” – But we have an exception in our Canton with Lord William of Faleston.

Four) Award of Arms (AOA) / Orders/Awards of Merit – The AOA is recognized throughout the SCA. Individual Kingdoms have Orders of Merit / Awards of Merit which carry AOAs; should a gentle move, the AOA is recognized but the Kingdom Orders and Awards are not.

  • Atlantia Orders of Merit – The Order of the Opal, The Order of the Coral Branch, The Order of the Silver Osprey, The Order of the King’s Missilers, The Order of the Sea Dragon, The Order of the Quintain.
  • Award of Arms – AOAs are usually given “bare.” The first big “THANK YOU” for contributions to the SCA through service, arts, or martial skill.
  • After receiving an AOA, the person should be addressed as Lord or Lady. They also may carry their Arms into battle or have someone carry it for them.

Five) Non-Precedence Kingdom Awards – These awards carry no precedence, but they are cool and they do put the person onto the Kingdom OP. They are not recognized outside the Kingdom.

  • Atlantia Orders without Precedence – The Queen’s Order of Courtesy; The Order of the Nonpareil. 
  • Atlantia Awards (Can be given more than once) – Shark’s Tooth, Silver Nautilus, Fountain, King’s Award of Excellence, Undine, Herring, Vexillum Atlantiae, Star of the Sea.
  • Youth Awards – Sea Urchin, Hippocampus, Sea Tyger, Alcyon, Arielle

Six) SCA & Atlantia Special Items –

  • Court Baroncy – Given by the Crown to gentles at their discretion. They may include a Grant of Arms, but might not. Per SCA Corpora, they carry at least an AOA. They have no special standing in the OP. The person’s highest “of Arms” drives their OP position. But, hey, a hat to wear is really cool. The Court Baroncy is recognized throughout the SCA.
  • Augmentation of Arms – Recognized throughout the SCA, the Crown gives a gentle a modification to their Arms, often adding something specific of the kingdom or the present holders of the crown in canton (upper dexter corner).
  • Supporters – Note that using supporters, helms, or mottos can be restricted depending on the kingdom a gentle lives. Some kingdoms reserve the right to award their subjects these items. In Atlantia, only supporters are limited.
  • Company of the Sergeants of Saint Aidan – A fighting company where new members are selected by existing members and brought in by the Sovereign.
  • Company of the Gilded Portcullis – A service company of Atlantians who have served troll at Pennsic for an extended length of time.

Seven) Baronial Orders and Awards – These awards are given by the Coronets to members of their Barony at their discretion with the Orders polled for advice as appropriate. These place a gentle onto the Kingdom OP, 

  • Orders – Order of the Sacred Stone, Order of the Phoenix Eye, Order of the Phoenix Claw, Order of the Phoenix Heart, Order of the Yeoman.
  • Awards (awards may be given more than once) – Flame of the Phoenix, Feather of the Phoenix, Baronial Award of Excellence, Talon of the Phoenix, Drakken Egg, Spark of the Phoenix, Chef d’oeure, Saint Casimir, Phoenix’s Emerald, Phoenix’s Pyrite, Baronial Award of Courtesy.
  • Special Item – Defenders of the Sacred Stone/Phoenix – Recognizes those who have served as a Champion in Sacred Stone. Not automatic.
  • Special Item – Spirit of the Phoenix is given to gentles outside the barony in recognition of their contributions.



That is a lot of awards and orders. Sometimes it is easier to thing about them within general families: Fighting, Arts, and Service. While not required to follow this order directly or get all the “badges,” in general it is best to write someone in for the “next” on the list from where they are.

Baronial award are separate from kingdom awards. Writing in someone for their AOA while also asking the Baronage to look at them for a Drakken Egg is appropriate.


SCA-wide – Court Baroncy – Whatever the Crown pleases, I have seen everything from babysitting the royal children during Pennsic to recognizing thirty years of service while waiting for the Pelicans to get back with their polling. Usually given to landed Baronage when they step down if they don’t already have one. The only award outside of Royal Peers which comes with a “hat.”

Kingdom – The Order of the Nonpareil – Honors and recognizes those who have shown excellence, honor, courtesy or chivalry above and beyond any duty. The members of this Order exemplify what it means to be an Atlantian. This award may be given only once per reign and is conveyed solely at the discretion of the Crown. There is no precedence for this accolade, however, it is probably the highest honor one who lives in Atlantia could be given. 

Kingdom – The King’s Award of Excellence – Given by the Sovereign to those deemed deserving by distinguishing themselves by their contributions to the Kingdom.

Baronial – Award of the Phoenix’s Emerald – Given to a person who is highly and uniquely valuable to the Barony. One time achievement award.

Baronial – Baronial Award of Excellence – General award of excellence, can be awarded more than once.

Baronial – Award of the Drakken Egg – Recognizes outstanding contributions of newcomers.


Kingdom – Order of the Sea Tiger – Ages 0 to 17. Valor.

Kingdom – Order of the Alcyon – Ages 0 to 17. A&S.

Kingdom – Order of the Hippocampus – Ages 0 to 17. Service.

Kingdom – Award of Arielle – Ages 0 to 17. Courtesy.

Kingdom – Award of the Sea Urchin – Ages 0 to 12. Contributions for service, martial skill, or A&S.

Baronial – Award of Saint Casimir – Special contributions for the Barony’s children 11 to 16.

Baronial – Award of the Feather of the Phoenix – Special contributions for the Barony’s children ages 0 to 10.


SCA-wide – Order of the Rose – Served as Consort on the throne.

Kingdom – Queen’s Order of Courtesy – Bestowed by the Consort of Atlantia upon subjects deemed worthy by their consistently exemplary courtesy to the subjects of all ranks in this Realm and the Society at large.

Baronial – Baronial Award of Courtesy – Given at the discretion of the Coronets to any individual displaying outstanding courtesy to any member of the populace.

FIGHTING (Heavy, Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Siege, and Equestrian – many awards are specific to the type of martial skill)

HEAVY – SCA-wide – Order of Chivalry (Knights and Masters of Arms). Great skill in combat, qualities of courtesy and grace.

RAPIER – SCA-wide – Order of Defense – Great skill at rapier and/or cut-and-thrust combat, as well as qualities of courtesy and grace, willingness to teach others, and service to the kingdom.

HEAVY – Kingdom (High Merit) – Order of the Kraken – NON-BELTED (non-knight) fighters who have distinguished themselves by consistent excellence on the field.

RAPIER – Kingdom (High Merit) – Order of the White Scarf of Atlantia – Exercise and advance of the noble art of fence and have distinguished themselves as examples of the precepts to which it is devoted. Requires the recipient to “play the prize”.

HEAVY, RAPIER – Kingdom (High Merit) – Order of the Sea Stag – TEACHING of armored combat and rapier combat.

ARCHERY, THROWN, SEIGE – Kingdom (High Merit) – Order of the Yew Bow – Excellence of skill or teaching of the skills of bow and arrow (target and combat), thrown weapons and/or siegecraft.

EQUESTRIAN – Kingdom (High Merit) – The Order of the Golden Lance of Atlantia – Expertise in equestrian arts, and who have, through service to the equestrian community, advanced those arts and promoted them.

HEAVY – Kingdom (AOA level) – The Order of the Silver Osprey – NON-BELTED fighters distinguished on the heavy field.

RAPIER – Kingdom (AOA level) – The Order of the Sea Dragon – NON-WHITE SCARF rapier fighters distinguished on the rapier field.

ARCHERY, THROWN, SEIGE – Kingdom (AOA Level) – Order of the Yew Bow – Distinguished in bow and arrow (target and combat), thrown weapons and/or siegecraft.

EQUESTRIAN – Kingdom (AOA level) – The Order of the Quintain – Distinguished by consistent effort and shown excellence in the pursuit of equestrian activities.

ANY – Kingdom – Award of the Shark’s Tooth – Acts of valor for the Kingdom,

FIGHTING UNITS – Kingdom – The Vexillum Atlantiae (the Award of the Banner) – recognizes ferocity and valor of a group of fighters as a whole, not as individuals. When they fight as a unit, the group may carry the banner with the award heraldry into battle.

HEAVY, RAPIER, SIEGE – Baronial – Order of the Phoenix Claw – Outstanding performance on the field of battle. Includes Heavy, Rapiers, and Siege Engineers.

ARCHERY, THROWN WEAPONS – Baronial – Order of the Yeoman of the Sacred Stone – Outstanding contributions in all areas of archery (target and combat) and thrown weapons.

ALL COMBAT – Baronial – Award of the Talon of the Phoenix – Outstanding achievement on the field of battle during a specific event.


SCA-wide – Order of the Laurel – Great skill in an Art or Science, willingness to TEACH others, and using their abilities to benefit the kingdom.

Kingdom (High Merit) – Order of the Pearl – Honors efforts and excellence in A&S and/or their willingness to teach others.

Kingdom (AOA level) – Order of the Coral Branch – A&S from period.

Kingdom – Award of the Silver Nautilus – Extraordinary achievement in A&S.

Kingdom – Award of the Fountain – Performed A&S for the kingdom.

Baronial – Order of the Phoenix Eye – Outstanding A&S achievements WITHIN the Barony. This includes the TEACHING of that art in the Barony and its USE on the Barony’s behalf. (Polled by the order. This Order has additional tasks of organizing and participating in the Runestone Collegium and the Phoenix Eye Competition events.)

Baronial – Award of the Spark of the Phoenix – Outstanding Achievement in A&S by a specific work or project.

Baronial – Award of the Chef d’oeuvre – Given for skill in planning and cooking feasts.


SCA-wide – Order of the Pelican – Great service to their kingdom OR the society as a whole, usually for many years and without thought of reward.

Kingdom (High Merit) – Order of the Golden Dolphin – Honors exceptional service and leadership in Atlantia.

Kingdom (AOA level) – Order of the Opal – Service to Atlantia.

Kingdom – The Award of the Undine – Given by the Consort at her discretion to those who have distinguished themselves by exceptional service to the Consort.

Kingdom – The Award of the Herring – Extraordinary achievements as autocrats.

Kingdom – The Award of the Star of the Sea – Extraordinary contributions insuring the future of our kingdom through our youth OR new members; furthering their educational growth to become active and productive members of Atlantia.

Baronial – Order of the Sacred Stone – Outstanding service and dedication to the Barony over a PERIOD OF A LONG TIME and with the promise of CONTINUTING SERVICE in the future.

Baronial – Order of the Phoenix Heart – Recognizes courtesy and chivalry in the barony. Recognizes gentles that repeatedly perform selfless acts on behalf of the Barony, both inside and outside her borders.

Baronial – Award of the Flame of the Phoenix – Outstanding feat of service in the Barony (can be given more than once).

Baronial – Award of the Spirit of the Phoenix – Contributions by those outside the geographical boundaries.

Baronial – Award of the Phoenix’s Pyrite – Given to individuals for service to the Barony above and beyond any “sane” reckoning.

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