Class: Heraldic Coloring Book for Aire Faucon 2016

I created Heraldic Coloring Book for the Canton of Aire Faucon based on citizens residing within the Canton as of December 1, 2016 for the December Newcomer A&S meeting.  The coloring book includes basic heraldic definitions plus the Arms of the Populace. The coloring book is not meant to be all-inclusive, for example dozens of Furs are missing, but to give the Newcomer attending the class basic background for looking at heraldry at events and start considering getting their own.

I broke it apart to make it easier to print since it is so art intensive. Including the cover, there are 32 pages.

COVER PAGE – (1 page) page0-coverpage

GROUP 1 – (2 pages) Tinctures – Includes Colors, Metals, and a few Furs  – page1-tinctures

GROUP 2 – (4 pages) Locations on a sheild, Field Divisions, Ordinaries, and  Complex Lines –  page2-divisionlines

GROUP 3 – (2 pages) Charges and Postures. One of the area where I went really light. I limited the postures to ones appearing in the heraldry of the Canton’s populace. Plus the fish, since we are located in Atlantia and there are a lot of fish. –  page3-charges

GROUP 4 – (1 page) General notes about devices and creating your own. – page4-generalnotes

GROUP 4.1 – (2 pages) Blazoning in action. I took a blazon and broke down how you can go from the words to the picture it describes. page4-1-actionblazon

GROUP 5 – (2 pages) Landed group devices particular to Aire Faucon – the SCA, Atlantia, Sacred Stone and Aire Faucon page5-group-devices

GROUP 6 – (5 pages) Coat-of-Arms for those within the Canton who have a Patent of Arms. –  page6-af-poa

GROUP 7 – (8 pages) Coats-of-Arms for those within the Canton who have a Grant of Arms. – page7-af-goa

GROUP 8 – (5 pages) Coats-of-Arms for those within the Canton who have an Award of Arms. – page8-af-aoa

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