Phoenix Eye: How To Challenge

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For “In a Phoenix Eye” this year, individual peers (Royal, Roses, Knights, Laurels, etc.) who are members of the Order of the Phoenix Eye AND/OR Peers residing in the Barony of Sacred Stone may sponsor a challenge to the populous.

Traditionally such challenges are tied things which make the peer’s heart sing. Love the page program, offer a challenge of an item which must be made by the mentor and page together – documenting who does what. Want people to push their limits in the scribal arts, have a challenge of skin to vellum. Believe in encouraging people to wear the baronial colors, have a green garb challenge. Any amount of artists may enter your challenge; for the skin-to-vellum even a single attempt would be considered a win, whereas the green garb challenge may have a half dozen entries even in a small event like In a Phoenix Eye.

Challenges need to be registered before November 9th; the sooner the better so artisans have time to make the items.

To register a challenge please fill out the attached word document , Peer Challenge, and forward to the autocrat at: PrudenceCurious at aim dot com