Portal to Knitting

I am not a knitter, but I often run across knitting recommendations while working on my embroidery and other needlearts. So many newcomers LOVE knitting already, I try and have the resources available for them.

Portal to Knitting Groups

Historical Knitting – Facebook, a closed group covering the history of knitting with interest clustering around the medieval/renaissance and the 18th & 19th centuries. If you are into knitting you want to join them. Search on “Historical Knitting” on Facebook.

Portal to Knitting Books

A History of Knitting 2ND EDITION by Richard Rutt (May 1, 2003) – Recommended to me by several knitters. Be sure to get the most recent edition. – But a different person wrote the following:

While this book has a great deal of useful information, I have a few reservations about it.  He describes some alternative knitting methods, and there is one that I learned almost 50 years ago.  His description of it made no sense to me.  I have also been told that there is controversy about other parts of the book, but cannot recall the details.  I think it is worth having, but consider his conclusions and descriptions carefully.

Knitted Garb – Inspired by Originals: Designs for Plimoth Plantation and Beyond by Jackie Fee (editor) – Sold through the Plimoth Plantation. Recommend reading the full description before purchase – Patterns will be 17th Century. Patterns are: Gunnister Purse; Tudor Rose Pocket; Gunnister Cap with Turned-up Brim; Knitted Flat Cap; Thrummed Cap; Gunnister Cloves; Museum of the City of London Mittens; Knitted Waistcoat; Charles I Tunic; 17thc Clocked Stockings; Tudor Stockings;  Garters for Stockings.