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Poem: Identifying with the Prey

Identifying with the Prey

I smell the breeze
of the zephyr winds
carrying flowers’ jewels.

I smell the dew
of the early sun
delighting in its cool.

I see the blue
of the open sky
and am urged to run wild.

I see the green
of the forest glen
drawn to shadows’ beguile.

I hear the sound
of the hunting horn
and feel the fox’s fear.

I hear the pound
of the horses’ hooves
as they close and draw near.

I feel the cold
of the silver steel
striking deeply within.

I feel the warmth
of the flowing blood
bringing life to an end.



Lady Prudence the Curious

Started who knows when, but finally finished September 22, 2011; Published December 2011, Phoenix, Barony of Sacred Stone


A&S Competitions & Other Uses

2011 October 29 – Boar’s Hunt – Canton of Charlesbury Crossing; Barony of Sacred Stone – Entered in written poetry competition. Themed for “The Hunt” – Won (only 2 entrants)

Score and comments from competition: “Enjoyable read, thank you. Very creative perspective of the hunt theme. Would love to see some documentation next time (personal note: documentation not required for competition) DO continue to enter. – Score documentation (0), complexity (3), workmanship (3), Aesthetics (3), Authenticity (3), Creativity (3), SPECIAL: Theme (5 – max possible) – total score 18 out of 35.