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Poem: For Scribes To Give Birth

For Scribes To Give Birth

Take crude animal skins and soak in lye,
Then scrape the hair and sand the leather smooth.
Gently part it with a sharp knife lengthwise.
Each piece of parchment by maker approve.

Gemstones should be crushed with stone harsh and cruel.
An alchemist’s dream, alone dust remains.
Carbon black need be gathered; wax the fuel.
The ink to rival night is drawn from flame.

Next cut goose feathers at precise angles;
Pick horse-haired brushes for their perfect points.
Matchless ingredients do assemble,
And prayerfully with love of letters join.

A tome of beauty full of divine worth,
From pen and skill of hands the scribes give birth.



Lady Prudence the Curious

Written February 9, 1999; Published in the March 1999 Ironmonger


 A&S Competitions & Other Uses

Entered in Several A&S competitions and displays. Never won. For documentation, usually combined with the article: The Architecture of a Sonnet.